AndroIDPro - Complete solution for your restaurant and bar


AndroIDPro is a state-of-the-art device using the most recent 10” tablet technologies available. Software running on the Android platform, combined with a liquor dispenser.  Everything poured is on someone’s check with the Universal Credit POS interface, or Standalone modes.

  • Punch to pour

  • Per bottle brand control for up to 999 bar brands

  • RFID Identification

  • 6 manual portions per brand + 1 adjustable

  • Cocktails & shooters management totally integrated

  • Recipe display with instructions and pictures

  • Allows for multiple recipe preparation at the same time

  • Standalone liquor dispenser with or without POS interface

  • Multiple employee security levels

  • 4 x RS-232 serial ports for printer & peripherals

  • Back office software for reporting & programming

  • Wireless or wired LAN connection

  • Universal Credit or Spirit communication protocol

  • Recipe management

  • Can receive credits for drink orders issued by just about any POS; without a bar interface.

  • RFID employee card reader (option)

  • SD card backup built in

  • VESA type stand for multiple install options


436A Isabey 

St Laurent, Québec, H4T 1V3

Tel: 514-664-5872



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